Crowns and Bridges

Our teeth are hard and durable. Covered in enamel, the hardest substance in the body, they are designed to grind food as the first step of digestion – essentially to help us eat. Teeth also fill out the facial shape and appearance, maintain bone levels in the jaw, and give us our most unique expression – our smiles.

How Teeth become Damaged

Sometimes, however, teeth become weakened because of decay, trauma, infection, or teeth grinding, and the structure becomes compromised. Once the enamel breaks or deteriorates, protecting the remaining tooth or removing a tooth are both possible.

At our Troutdale, OR dental office, we commonly recommend dental crowns or bridges to repair or replace missing teeth. Both options will look natural and give you both comfortable chewing function and your smile back.

Dental Crowns Repair Teeth

Dental crowns are versatile, and if you have decay, fractures, or worn-down teeth, a dental crown can give the tooth strength and the shape back. Patients who have had root canal therapy can also benefit from a dental crown as the living tissue from the tooth has been removed and leaves the tooth brittle.

We begin by preparing the tooth, which entails removing decay and reshaping the tooth. Next, an impression will give our trusted dental lab technician a guide to create the custom dental crown. Shade matching will ensure that it blends in perfectly with the smile.

Our dentists will place a temporary crown on the tooth to protect it while the porcelain crown is fabricated. Once we receive the final crown, your dentist will fit it to your teeth and bite.

With the proper dental and home care, your dental crown can last up to seven years or even longer.

Replace a Missing Tooth

A missing tooth impacts your speech, what you can eat, and most certainly your confidence. Beyond that, a missing tooth will also leave space for your remaining teeth to shift and tilt. This throws teeth out of alignment and makes occlusion (the bite) uneven and can expose sensitive roots.

While dental implants are considered the gold standard of teeth replacement, dental bridges provide a nonsurgical option for patients who have medical conditions that limit their alternatives.

A dental bridge consists of two dental crowns on healthy adjacent teeth to hold the artificial tooth, called a pontic, in place. Dental bridges are a single unit that is a fixed option; you cannot remove it. Cleaning around the bridge, supporting teeth, and gum tissue will keep your mouth healthy and prolong the life of your dentistry.

Welcome to Troutdale Dental

Each dental restoration serves a unique purpose. To determine which dental restoration will be right for you, we welcome you to get in touch to book an appointment with Dr. Clark Brinton or Dr. Brian Hale. Their expertise and good-natured chairside manner will make your dental appointment easy – even enjoyable!