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How often do I need a dental cleaning?

Each patient is an individual, so we tailor your dental recommendations based on your oral health needs, your medical health, and your goals for your smile. For most children and healthy adults, two visits twice per year that include a dental cleaning, exam, and yearly x-rays are usually enough to keep teeth and gums healthyDental Exams Troutdale OR

If you have a history of periodontal disease, 3-4 visits per year could be helpful. Once periodontal disease occurs, patients are more likely to develop an infection again. Certain medications, conditions like dry mouth, and even hormonal fluctuations such as those during pregnancy can require more diligent home and professional dental attention.

Dental Exams with Veneers, implants and crowns

If you have a lot of dentistry, veneers, dental implants, or a number of dental crowns, you might opt for an extra dental cleaning and exam each year in our Troutdale dental office as additional insurance on your investment.

Patients who have complete dentures still need to have a dental appointment at least once per year to monitor changes in bone and for a potentially life-saving oral cancer screening.

We are happy to discuss your needs with you at your initial dental exam and work out a plan to keep you healthy and looking your best.

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